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Nathan Reynolds

Staff Worker, Dublin

I am really looking forward to starting this new role with CUI, working with both UCD’s and DCU’s Christian Unions. I’m blessed and excited to be working with the college I went to (DCU) and the college I did CUI’s Relay programme with (UCD).

From being in and working with a CU I’ve seen what it looks like for a Christian Union to be overflowing with God’s love and the effect that has on the university but more importantly on people’s lives. Working with students who love Jesus is a joy and I’m so thankful for that! Seeing God’s power at work in people’s lives is so powerful and beautiful and I’m praying for those on both campuses who will hear the good news of the gospel this coming year. I’m also praying for wisdom for the coming challenges and suffering myself and the CU may encounter that we would be reliant on God and his power and provision this year.


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Our team is much wider than just our staff. We are a fellowship of students, staff and supports who together are committed to student witness across Ireland. So please pray. Please invest in this mission. And please come work with us! We're looking for passionate, creative people with a heart for God's glory in the student world

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